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    Designed to keep your feet comfortable & blisters free and to prevent injuries & muscle aches. Made with merino wool because of the temperature-regulating properties.

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    • STOX® hiking socks provide the legs with a perfect flow of blood and moisture. This makes your leg muscles feel strong during a long walk!

    • They promote the removal of waste and ensure optimal oxygen supply to the muscles, which speeds up recovery.

    • Because the walking socks have a seamless toe piece, the friction between the toes and the shoe is minimized. This prevents blisters.

    • The materials in the STOX® hiking socks are exceptionally breathable and dry four times faster than cotton. As a result, you always experience dry legs while walking.

    • The 'Moisture Wicking Fabrics' are moisture drifting fabrics that are better breathable than natural fabrics such as cotton. It is the fastest drying fabric available and dries 4 times faster than cotton.

    • 93% of the walkers with traditional walking socks suffered from muscle pain after a 10 km run. Only 14% suffered from muscle pain after running 10 km with compression walking socks.

      A. Ali, MP Caine, BG Snow. "Graduated compression stockings: Physiological and perceptual responses during and after exercise." (2007). Journal of Sports Sciences. Volume 25, Issue 4, pages 413-419.

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