Golf & Travel socks

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Would you like to feel just as comfortable on the golf course as Patrick Reed? Then you can't miss out on STOX Golf & Travel socks! Wearing STOX Golf Socks gives a light yet firm feeling to the lower legs. By wearing STOX Golf Socks you prevent swollen feet and you'll feel confident on the golf course. STOX give you a light yet firm feeling to the lower legs.

  • Longer lasting energy when playing golf
  • Stability during the swing
  • Increased performance

Are you going on a golf trip? Take good care of your legs and prevent travel-related injuries such as traveler's thrombosis and aching legs. STOX stabilizes ankles, shins and calf muscles and provides optimal support in the right places. Wearing STOX gives you a warm and firm feeling to the lower legs. Ideal for golfers who have to spend long hours in the airplane. 

  • Prevents traveler's thrombosis
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Keeps your legs warm + comfortable
STOX Golf Travel socks