5 reasons why 'flexible working' is exactly what you need

First of all, you bypass all practical things that can cause for stress before your working day has even started. Like, long travel time, packed trains and traveling expenses (your boss will love this one). When you wake up in the morning you settle down behind your computer, totally relax and ready to start you day. Thanks to this your concentration will be a lot better and thereby you will automatically be more productive.

Compression socks a.k.a Energy Socks

Of course, you're still behind a desk. In case of prolonged inactivity of the body, and hereby I aim on your legs, blood and fluid flow to the feet. Because of this your legs will feel tired and it's still not beneficial to work at home. Therefore it's wise to wear STOX Energy Work Socks. These compression socks stimulate the blood circulation in the legs and provide maximum oxygen-capacity of the muscles. The work socks prevent muscle fatigue, creates maximum alertness, mental concentration, motivation and productivity. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

'Other-hour working days'

Next reason why flexible working is totally your thing, is because it contains 'other-hour working days'. And now you're probably thinking about that 6-hour working day, you've heard something about on the news a few moths ago. Unfortunately I have to tell you that they've tried this in Scandinavia, but that there's no prove it promotes the economy or the well being of employees. Bummer! But...A lot of companies insert 'other-hour working days' more often these days. For example, a 9-hour working day, but only for four days a week. Or telecom billionaire América Móvil, he offers contracts from 12 hours a day, but three times a week. Personally, I don't want to think about this, but those 'other-hour working days' are super good for your productivity! Like this you got more time to exercise for example. By the way, STOX has super fashionable Work socks. They equalize your energy level, prevent injuries, help against injuries and can even help to improve your sports performances. How does it work? Read the detailed explanation of the operation of compression socks here.

Work/life balance

Bullet point three that proves that flexible working and you are the perfect match, is work/life balance. Sounds classy, right? It's simply the balance between your work and your personal life. The new thing about this is the time format. When you're a parent for example, you can get you child from school during the day-time and work a couple of extra hours in the evening. Or when you're not a morning person, but more like an evening person, your can start a little later and also work till a little later in the evening. Again, it has been proven that flexible employees are more productive, more creative and more innovative.


Numero 4! Okay, this one is actually more your boss. Namely, less absenteeism. Among 'mobile workers' as we may call them nicely, the absenteeism is significantly lower than among employees who are at the office every day, every week. It's nice to feel healthy and energetic, right?!

Flexible work places​​

Last but not least, flexible work spaces. Nobody has their own desk at the office. This is useful for the employer, because you need less space (also in connection with employees who work at home). But, it's also nice for you, because you always sit somewhere else. This can be a bit strange in the beginning, but is has a lot of benefits. It's social, especially in bigger companies, because you work constantly next to another collegue. Next to this, your work space is a little different each day, so (and here it is again) you stay sharp and productive. After these bullets you would do nothing rather than participate 'flexible working', right? Not only as employer, but also as employee! Do you miss a little energy during your working day? I will give you some free tips to feel more energized, before you go to your boss to introduce 'flexible working'.

'STOX ​​​​​​​Energy Socks common sense!’

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