The festival season has started!

Are you going to a festival anytime soon and are you looking for inspiration for the ultimate festival look? Your outfit isn't complete without STOX! STOX Work Socks are perfect for a festival. Designed by Dutch designer Martijn van Strien, they do not only look fashionable - thanks to graduated compression in the socks you prevent tired and aching legs and you'll stay energized. This means you'll be able to dance all day long!  

Thanks to innovative, moisture wicking fabrics your feet will stay dry and cool. The seamless socks make sure your feet feel soft and comfortable and prevent skin irritation or the occurence of blisters. Very comfy during a full day of dancing and strolling around!

  • No more tired or swollen legs 
  • Graduated compression
  • Offers perfect support
  • Feels super comfortable

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