How you can make exercising (more) fun

No 'I HAVE to go', but 'I CAN go'

It’s not nice to hear that colleagues or friends are going to the gym on that exact day you don’t feel like going….Now you have to go! But listen, the more you say to yourself that you ‘can’ go instead of you ‘have’ to go, the nicer it will become to hit the gym. Good, now that we’ve helped you with this frequent issue, another nice tip we got for you is to have a gym buddy. Exercising with a buddy is a lot more fun. Besides the fact that you can chat for a solid hour about important, but even better, unimportant things that happened that day, it’s also more difficult to cancel your gym appointment.

Your outfit

Great. Gym buddy? Check! No ‘I HAVE to go’, but an ‘I CAN go’? Check! Now, another important and ever-returning factor: your outfit. When you have new shoes, you also can’t wait to wear them right? It works exactly the same with a new sports outfit. You will parade through the gym.

Compression socks

STOX Energy Socks are part of this amazing outfit. Happy colors and super comfortable, but above all they are very helpful for injuries and tired legs. ‘Socks that give you energy!’ Although, they stimulate the blood circulation in the legs and provide maximum oxygen-capacity of the muscles. In this way you can rock your workout and your performance will improve. It may sounds we only mean gym workouts, but of course we aim at every kind of sport. It will be more fun when you choose a sport that you actually like.

Another important side note is to dwell on the fact how good exercising is for your body. It gives you confidence, more energy (well, in the end…), a better mood, positive vibes, and so we can keep continue for a while. So every time you’re ready to make a turn back home, think about this. You’ll turn around to the gym as soon as possible.

Next, set little goals for yourself. It’s true that we get incredibly happy when we reach a certain goal. Even though they are just small. There’s no point to set the bar too high, but when you have a goal you work for something. Thanks to this game element it will get more fun. In case it’s still not fun to workout like this, you can treat yourself when you reached your goals. But no, we don’t mean you can treat yourself with a dessert or pastry. Think of a massage, new gym clothes of a super mega bathing session! After this you put on you STOX Recovery Socks. They decrease muscle fatigue and stimulate blood lactate removal, which enhances recovery. Also, they improve the drainage of blood and fluid, which fastens the healing process of injuries like shin splints, calf and Achilles tendon problems.

Now you have enough information to make sure your workout becomes (more) fun, right? Just go! Everybody finds it hard to find workout motivation sometimes.

‘Master your day with STOX!’

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