All About Type 2 Diabetes: Causes, Treatment, Prevention Methods. The diabetes

Diabetes mellitus - what is behind the colloquially decorative "diabetes" and why is it so dangerous for us? It is spreading rapidly in Germany and around the world and is a common diagnosis in Germany as a common disease. In total, over 8 million people across Germany suffer from diabetes mellitus. According to the latest estimates by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), around 425 million people worldwide currently suffer from diabetes. The IDF estimates that this number will increase to a total of 700 million by 2045. It is therefore not surprising that diabetes, as the first non-infection-related disease, has been declared a global threat by the United Nations. But how does diabetes develop? What symptoms appear and what can we do to prevent them? Read here about diabetes itself and get an overview of the causes and symptoms as well as treatment options, the latest approaches and help for those at risk or affected.

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