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Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings that boost your Energy

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  • To achieve a better health and productivity, we have developed STOX compression stockings. Wearing compression stockings provide your legs with energy and prevents muscle soreness, so you'll reach your full potential!

  • The STOX Energizing Flow exists because of the built-in graduated compression, which consists of tightly squeezing the legs. The highest pressure is at the ankle and gradually decreases until it finally performs the least pressure just under the knee. The STOX Energizing Flow optimizes the blood flow in your legs and provides maximum oxygen-capacity to your muscles..

    In collaboration with a team of well-known vascular surgeons, we were able to implement medical techniques into stockings for everyday life. So whether you are a big sports enthusiast, world traveler, workaholic, or like to spend long hours in the pub: STOX compression stockings are perfect for everyone!

  • Are your ankles and / or calves swollen, or do you experience this after a day of work? Do you have a feeling of heavy legs? Do you have open toes? Or an annoying feeling of pressure or tension in the legs and especially the calves? Do you suffer from cramps in the evening or while sleeping? Do you suffer from varicose veins or is the genetic predisposition present in the family? Then it can help to wear STOX compression stockings. Look for the best specially designed socks for a faster recovery.

  • Because we are so extremely confident you love the STOX compression stockings, you can just try them for 30 days. Not satisfied? No worries! Just send them back within 30 days after purchase and we’ll refund you the money!

  • can prevent tired legs; provide relief to the legs; reduce the pain in your legs; can prevent muscle pain and / or cramps; can reduce the chance of shin splints; improve the blood circulation in the legs, so you get less cramps in the evening and at night; can give more rest to the legs and prevents open toe; can prevent preventive varicose veins or help it not get worse

  • It is best to put on your compression stockings immediately in the morning when your legs are "thinnest". Make sure you do not wear any jewelry when putting on the support stockings and do not hold the stockings with sharp nails. For daily use, we recommend using rubber gloves for more grip and protection of compression stockings. Grasp the heel of the sock on the inside between your thumb and forefinger and turn the sock up to the foot inside out. Pull the opening apart with both hands and carefully pull the foot section over your foot to the instep. Carefully slide the leg section of the compression sock up.

  • Our advice is to regularly wash your skiing socks by hand in lukewarm water or in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 degrees. Never put white and black work socks together. We also recommend using a laundry bag when washing the stockings in a washing machine. With this you can considerably extend the life of the stockings! Washing can make the stockings a little more flexible to use. Use a mild detergent and no fabric softener.

  • Never put compression stockings in the dryer. You can let the compression stockings dry faster by rolling out the socks in a towel and expressing the whole thing vigorously. Be careful not to wring out the socks! Be careful not to let the stockings dry by placing them on the heating or in direct sunlight.

  • Compression stockings help with every activity! You can go to STOX for a compression stocking for running but also for the new Work Socks collection. The recovery socks are not only in the colors white and black but also in other many colors. We sell the socks for the best price from € 34.95. Search for the best and most used socks from STOX: • Women's compression stockings • Men's compression stockings • Sport compression stockings • Compression stocking work

  • We offer an extensive range of compression stockings for men. Compression stockings for men who want extra support for the feet and legs. Many men think that support stockings are only worn by old people or pregnant women. But nothing is less true. There can be various reasons for wearing compression stockings. Wearing support stockings will support your legs, feet and ankles. When you go on a trip and sit still for a long time, have heavy physical work or work that requires a lot of walking, in the long term complaints can arise such as tired legs or sore and swollen legs. Men's support stockings, or compression stockings, ensure injury prevention and recovery. It promotes blood flow to your legs and reduces that tired feeling.

  • Long standing or sitting properly causes blood circulation to deteriorate, which can lead to various complaints over time. To prevent these complaints (or to counteract them if you are already suffering from them), it is recommended to wear compression stockings. By wearing compression stockings, blood circulation is stimulated and the removal of waste in the leg is promoted. The stimulation of the blood circulation prevents tired or painful legs and, moreover, our compression stockings work preventively against varicose veins. The benefits of STOX compression stockings for men: Stimulates blood circulation through degressive compression Prevents tired and painful legs Stabilizes ankles, shins and calf muscles No sweaty feet thanks to antibacterial bamboo High-quality material and a reinforced foot bed Seamless socks that ensure a comfortable, soft feel and prevent skin irritation or blisters "

  • We have a very diverse and extensive range of compression stockings especially for women. The support stockings for men have different sizes than the compression stockings for women, since the butches of these stockings are adapted to the male shoe size and ankle circumference. Wondering what size compression stockings you need? You can easily find out via our measurement tool.

  • Are you going on a (business) trip? STOX travel compression stockings must not be missing on the plane. The pressure that the compression stockings put on the legs feels comfortable and ensures that blood circulation is stimulated. This reduces the risk of a traveler's thrombosis and prevents tired or swollen legs, so that you arrive fit at your destination.

  • We offer a very diverse range of sports compression stockings and we have the right stockings for every activity. Do you often play football? Thanks to the STOX football socks, muscle pain or cramps are a thing of the past during the match. Do you prefer to run? Then we recommend the STOX running socks: no more tired legs. Or do you enjoy a game of Golf? Even then we have the best solution: with STOX golf compression stockings you stand up confidently and experience maximum stability during the swing.

  • Do you have a standing profession? Or are you sitting behind your desk all day? Thanks to STOX Work compression stockings men you stay focused and productive. Thanks to the optimal blood circulation in the legs and maximum oxygen capacity to the muscles.

  • Are you looking for medical compression stockings (therapeutic elastic stockings)? You can also go to STOX for medical stockings and groin stockings for women and men. We also sell compression stockings without a foot.

  • Are you looking for compression stockings for women? Then STOX is the right place for you. Ordered today will be delivered tomorrow! And you can try them out for yourself for 30 days. Are you still not convinced after 30 days? Then simply send them back to us and you will receive a refund of the purchase amount. We also offer free shipping on orders over € 50. The best compression stocking will be delivered tomorrow, without extra costs.

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