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    Swollen feet and ankles

    Reduce & prevent symptoms of swollen feet and ankles. Ultra comfortable socks that are easy to put on and take off. Compression: 23-32 mmHg

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    • All causes for swollen feet and ankles can be traced to blood circulation in the legs that is not working optimally.

    • STOX Energy Socks are compression socks. The high-tech compression effect improves the blood circulation in your legs. The result? Reduces swelling, pain relief and less heavy and tired legs. Made of breathable materials to prevent sweaty legs.

    • Basically it comes down to this: because of gravity, blood and fluid flow to the feet the body needs all the help it can get to let it flow upwards again. The highest pressure (compression) is at the ankle and gradually decreases until it finally performs the least pressure just under the knee, causing blood to be "pushed" back up. In this way, an optimal blood circulation is achieved which prevents leg fatigue, muscle pain and swelling.

    • STOX Energy Socks are already used by more than 70,000 people to prevent and heal injuries and leg pain.

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