Having burn out complaints? Go running!

The new folks disease

1 out of 7 employees between the ages of 30 and 30 had to deal with or had a burn out. This main cause of absenteeism started around 2011. It's the most important omission of young people and this is still growing.In 2015, more than 100.000 young people suffered from a burn out. This means that we can speak of a new public disease. What is a burn-out? It is a form of stress in a too far stage. Stress is tolerable, if you can deal with it. In the short term, stress can lead to overwork. In the long term it can lead to a burn out. Several factors such as social pressure, pressure of performance, and work pressure can lead to your head being overloaded and then becoming overstrained. Always wanting to be the best, hard to say no, great sense of responsibility. Many young people experience this and do not suffer directly from it. Yet not everyone can tolerate this for a longer period of time, so there is now such a huge number of spanned millenials.

Prevention is better than cure

This of course applies to every condition, illness or even a flu. You prefer not to have it! Can you prevent a burn out? Yes! But, this is difficult because you do not recognize the signals properly yet. You go a little further beyond your own boundaries until your body or mind suddenly fails. Nowadays, terms like 'yoga', 'mindfulness' and 'meditation' floated around like leaves in autumn, but are you the type of person for those kind of things? You are young, you are fully alive. An hour in tailor sitting on a mat with your eyes closed is not for everyone. But no worries. There are other things you can do to ensure that you do not get lost in your daily activities, work and social obligations.

Exercising is the key

NEMESIS research (Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study) shows that people who move 1 to 3 times per week have a 50% lower risk of mental disorders, depression, anxiety or phobia. Take running for example. A sport that is easy to practice, is not very expensive and can be performed in the open air. Your body makes the familiar substance 'endorphins' while running. This will make you feel better and healthier. Endorphins are pain-suppressing, but also provide a feeling of happiness. Endorphins are thus a euphoric hormone. A good example is the 'Runners High' effect with long-term runners. They become addicted to running because they feel so good about it. Running actually works as a drug, but one that is good for your body. In addition, running also works to calm your mind. You exhaust your body and thus your mind comes to rest. It is difficult to get you to run when you are already tired and listless, but then it is very important to just go out and go for a run. I often say how good you will feel after running, but it has also been proven scientifically! You don’t have to run 10km. This allows you to get exhausted, but a small piece is also good. Just to empty your head. Do you want to start running, but do not know how well? Then read our blog 'running guide for beginners'. Here we give you an extensive running schedule, so that you build up your running adventure and prevent injuries.

STOX Energy Socks

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