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Why running together with us is much more fun


STOX is commited to the Dutch Cancer Society since this year. We are looking for 75 runners with whom we collect a total amount of € 50.000,- on May 27 for scientific research on cancer. Because we believe that nobody should die from the consequences of this disease.

Why the Dutch Cancer Society?

1 out of 3 people get cancer in The Netherlands. Every year, 45 thousand people die because of this. The disease is the number one cause of death in The Netherlands. That means every 5 minutes a diagnosis and every hour several loved ones die of cancer. That really is a huge pace. To slow down this rate at which cancer affects our lives, research is needed. Let's collect as much money as possible for that research! (source: The Dutch Cancer Society)

Just like the Dutch Cancer Society, we believe the day that nobody dies of cancer exists. But a lot of scientific research is still needed and that research is costly. Together with the Dutch Cancer Society you can help to raise money for this research. You run your own race, but still together. How?

Team STOX for the Dutch Cancer Society

As we already indicated, we have set the goal of collecting a total amount of € 50.000,- together with 75 runners. Of course, we will not leave you to your fate. The Dutch Cancer Society offers you a running schedule (from beginner to advanced). Running experts, nutritionists, coaches and supporters ensure that you reach that finish line at the 10km, half or full Leiden Marathon. In addition to a crazy running experience you become a member of a close community where everyone has his or her own reason to run with Team STOX for the Dutch Cancer Society. There are nice meetings, tips and goodies waiting for you. Do you grab a spot in our team? Because you know it's true, running together is much more fun!

How to sign up?

Step 1: go to the website (the site is in Dutch)
Step 2: in the menu -- 'ren mee'
Step 3: right on the page -- 'marathon leiden' -- 'doe mee'
If you want more information about the Dutch Cancer Society first, you can go to
Step 4: click on 'schrijf je in'
Step 5: click on 'doe mee als team' and click on 'Team STOX'

A little extra support while running

Now it's time to choose the distance you will run in Leiden and to make your personal page. Why are you running in Team STOX? Add a nice photo and you are officially part of Team STOX! Together we will achieve our goal, so that we contribute to scientific research on cancer.

Will you join us on May 27th?

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