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How does it work?

  • STOX Energy Socks produces high performance socks (compression stockings), which stimulate blood circulation and also remove waste products from the legs faster. This makes you feel fitter and more vital.

  • Compression socks help improve the blood flow in three ways:

    1. Reduce the diameter of major veins by increasing the volume and velocity of blood flow

    2. Help blood flow up toward the heart

    3. Help prevent blood from refluxing downward to the foot or laterally into superficial veins

  • STOX Running Socks are made of extra thin, but firm, materials. This way, friction at the foot during running is prevented. Next to that, we also use Moisture Wicking Fabrics to produce the Running Socks, so sweaty feet are prevented.

  • The preventive effect of compression socks has been shown in several scientific studies. For example, 93% of runners experienced muscle soreness after a run of 10 kilometres with traditional running socks, while this was only 14% with the runners who wore sports compression socks. Flight passengers also reported positive results. After a 5-hour flight 60% of travellers who wore compression stockings experienced less pain and 45% experienced less swollen legs and feet. For people with a standing profession, the socks are also a godsend. A large part of the nursing staff experienced less pain (84%) and less swelling of the legs (74%) during work by wearing compression socks .

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Standing staff suffers from less pain (84%) and swollen legs (74%) during work by wearing compression stockings.

Runners experience 80% less pain after 10 kilometers of running. Helps prevent injuries such as shin splints and accelerates recovery.

Travelers experience less pain (60%) and less swollen legs (45%) by wearing compression stockings when traveling.

Relief for conditions such as thrombosis, restless legs syndrome, varicose veins and edema.



Give yourself and your legs the gift of high-tech compression

  • Prevents tired legs
  • No swollen ankles and sore legs
  • Fast recovery, prevents injuries
  • Less muscle pain
  • Feel fitter and more vital due to the removal of waste fluids