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Prevent Injuries & Muscle Pain

Sport Tubes

„Sportlicher Held in Socken. Wenn du viele Kilometer laufen willst, sind STOX Socken deine besten Freunde! “

"Strümpfe mit hoher Kompression sehen normalerweise nicht attraktiv aus. STOX Energy Socks ändern das! "

Our Bestselling Tubes

What does Paul say?

"Great Tubes! Really enjoy wearing them, even during the day for recovery after my workout"


How Does It Work?

  • Thanks to the compression effect of the tubes, sports injuries are prevented. The compression ensures that the muscles are supplied with new, oxygen-rich blood faster. This leads to a reduced risk of injuries.

  • Your muscle pain after a workout will be reduced as well. Muscle pain is often caused by fatiques muscles. Compression helps to supply your muscle with new oxygen-rich blood, which reduces muscle pain after your workout.

  • To prevent the tubes from causing a feeling during exercise, they are made of moisture-wicking materials. This way you have less problems with sweat legs during exercise.

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