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„Sportlicher Held in Socken. Wenn du viele Kilometer laufen willst, sind STOX Socken deine besten Freunde! “

"Strümpfe mit hoher Kompression sehen normalerweise nicht attraktiv aus. STOX Energy Socks ändern das! "

What does Wim Say?

"Where, as a relatively novice runner, I could sometimes suffer from shin splints, this feeling is definitely a thing of the past. The day after a run, you don't have to deal with heavy calves or anything whatsoever. Top"


How Do Socks Help Against Shin Splints?

  • You get shin splints from overloading your leg muscles, tendons or shin bone. Shin splints happen from overuse with too much activity or an increase in training. Most often, the activity is high impact and repetitive exercise of your lower legs. This is why runners, dancers, and gymnasts often get shin splints

  • STOX Energy Socks are compression socks. This means the socks are (comfortably) tight around your feet or legs. Compression socks are known for providing support and stability to decrease the strain in the muscles and bones of your lower leg. That means while compression socks won’t magically heal your shin splints overnight, they'll give you much-needed relief.

  • Bereits von mehr als 50.000 Menschen tragen STOX Energy Socks mit High-Tech-Kompression, um Verletzungen wie Shin Splints, Wadenkrämpfe und Schmerzen in Beinen und Füßen nach dem Sport zu verhindern und zu heilen.

STOX Recovery Socks zur Linderung und Vorbeugung von Shin Splints

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