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What does Sanne Koolen (Dutch Hockey International) say?

"I notice that I recover better with STOX Sports Socks. They are very comfortable, I use them as an under sock"


What is special about these hockey socks?

  • After extensive research and a lot of tests, we found the following main problems for people who play hockey: 1. Muscle pain 2. Tired legs at the end of the game 3. Hockey injuries (ankle injuries, shin splints)

  • We have found the solution to these problems: compression socks! Compression socks are a (scientifically) proven solution for the prevention of muscle pain and tired legs. Compression socks also provide extra support at the ankle.

  • Compression socks support your legs by proving a comfortable pressure to your legs. This makes sure that the 'old - low in oxcygen' blood is transported out of the muscles faster. Room is made for 'new - oxcygen rich' blood. This prevents muscle pain and the sensation of tired legs at the end of the game. The effect is proven in 17 different scientific studies!

  • We often hear this question from athletes. STOX Sports Socks are made of moisture-wicking materials. This prevents 'sweat legs' or 'sweaty feet' from forming and the sock will not cause a too warm feeling.

  • STOX Sports Socks are ideal to use as an undersock during a hockey game or training. Your club socks can easily fit over them.

  • STOX Sports Socks are noticed by professional hockey players. Sanne Koolen, Frédérique Matla, Josine Koning (all three internationals for the Netherlands) and Florian Kuchs (international Germany) wear STOX Sports Socks while playing hockey.

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